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Total Communications

Internet Revenue Builder

Total Communications is helping owners by providing a turn-key internet program that creates a new revenue stream.  Whether it's new construction or existing, Total Communication will show you a solution that will provide a 15% or more ROI.  This will add value to the bottom line and to the value of the property.

Whatever your property layout and situation is, Total Communications has creative ways to develop a plan that will fit your needs.  With our experienced team, we will find a solution for any situation and provide a path to generating income.  New or existing, the plan of action we generate for you will help establish a residual income while maintaining your residents for longer periods of time. 

Top 5 Problems

Do any of these sound familar?  We have answers for all of them.

Problem 1

How can I make my property stand out as being the best place to live in a competitive market?

Problem 2

How do I provide the number one requested amenity by residents at a price I can afford?

Problem 3

How do I add value so my current and prospective residents will pay higher rent?

Problem 4

How do I increase value to my property to maintain my fiduciary responsibility to ownership?

Problem 5

How can I lower my churn rate within my properties?


Take a Closer Look

What if you could save your residents 50% on their monthly internet cost while your company earns a 15% return on your investment?​  This is a win for you and for your residents.​  Total Communication is your company to partner with.

Sample Profitability Scenario

Estimated Cable Internet Costs

Promotional Rate

Internet Rate - $40/month

Modem/Gateway with unlimited data usage - $10/month


Non-Promotional Rate

Internet Rate - $85/month

Modem/Gateway with unlimited data usage - $25/month


Property Internet Rates /Unit


No data limit

No modem Cost

No Contract

Company profits between $10K to $15K annually

25% plus return on your $$

At Total Communications, we are a technology company that provides bulk internet solutions to apartment buildings.  Receiving a discounted wholesale fiber optic network for resale is a great way to help drive your bottom line.  We offer fast and reliable internet connectivity to all of our properties.  This will ensure you can provide a rock solid product to your residents. 

Current Clients

"Our property has been developing a 15% monthly return on our  investment with the help of there services"

Brody McLaughlin

"Total Communications customer service has been exceptional. When our residents call in for support, they are always happy to help and quick to respond"

Ardith Moore

"What a company.  They were able to show us a plan we didn't think was possible.  Now are residents are receiving a new amenity and saving $50/month or more on their internet costs"

Jackson Nguyen

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