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Is this a Community Wi-Fi network?

No.  A community Wi-Fi network usually means that it is on a first come, first serve basis.  Total Communications provides dedicated bandwidth each unit.


Do residents receive a dedicated speed?

Yes.  Each unit will receive their own secure, dedicated bandwidth.  Each unit only throttled by their speed. 


What equipment does the resident need to get internet?

Each resident will be required to provide their own Ethernet router.  Or the property may choose to help provide those as part of the properties equipment.  Resident then leaves the router their for the next resident.


How secure is the network?

Total Communications uses top rated commercial firewalls.  These firewalls are the same type and style as other top internet service providers.  We monitor those firewalls daily and update firmware regularly. 


What are speeds residents can receive?

Depending on how the agreement is setup with ownership, each unit could be set up with a base of 10M or up to 75M or more.  Ownership will choose the bandwidth they feel the residents should be given.


Can residents upgrade their internet services?

Yes.  If the property wants to allow for upgrades, each unit can upgrade their service by calling our local number.  Upgrade speeds are set by the ownership based on the cost they are covering for the bandwidth coming in.


Is there a contract and if so, how long?

Yes.  There is typically a contract involved for right or entry to provide services.


Is there a setup cost?

Yes and No.  This decision would be up to the ownership and Total Communications.  Some owners would rather pay for it upfront while others would rather have it placed in the monthly costs.  Or Total Communications could decide to pay for it in return for a longer term.


Is our company required to sell anything?

No.  Your company is not required to sell anything.  Total Communications can help provide you with the marketing material for you to hand out to residents.


What's our monthly costs going to be?

The over all monthly cost for the property would be determined by the site survey and estimate given.  If allowed, residents may upgrade their services by setting up payment to Total Communications.


Who is the provider for TV?

Total Communications has partnered with DIRECTV's internet streaming services on a property level.  Based on research, Total Communications feels this has the best programming and choices for your property while keeping the costs down.


How many channels are included?

TV packages can range from 75+ channels to over 140+ plus locals.  After the base package, additional premium channels and upgrades are individually priced for ownership to choose.


Are locals included?

Yes.  All local channels are included.


Can upgrades of service be done?

Yes.  This is similar to internet.  Ownership will get to choose the base package and the resident would then be able to upgrade to any available choice DIRECTV offers.  This would be paid by the resident.


What kind of cables are needed for TV?

The DIRECTV Stream system does not require any coaxial cables.  It only requires the receiver box, power cord and HDMI.  This is a huge benefit to the residents when deciding on how to arrange their furniture in their unit.


Is there a contract?

Yes.  Total Communications does not own this contract, but only helps facilitate it.  Total Communications will be your dedicated company to service your residents.


How long is the contract?

Yes.  DIRECTV usually requires a minimum of 5 years. 


Is this a bulk TV service?

Yes.  This is a bulk agreement between DIRECTV and ownership.  A bulk agreement will have a monthly fee based on total units in building.


Who pays for the setup fee?

The setup fee can be negotiated depending on what ownership decides to do and how long they wish the contract to be.


What is the monthly cost?

Monthly cost is determined by the package and add on services they wish to provide.


Is there an ownership contract required?

Yes.  All agreements require some kind of agreement.  At a base level, a right of entry agreement is required.  The terms after that will depend on the product choices.  All terms and conditions be usually be negotiated.


What is the length of the contract?

Contractual terms are determined by many different items.  Usually a minimum of 3 years is required for the bulk internet service and 5 years for DIRECTV services.


Who pays for installation costs?

Installation costs can be negotiated based on the length of the contract and how large the scope of a project is.


Can we roll installation costs into our monthly costs?

Yes.  This is the best part of using Total Communications. As an option for payment, installation costs can be rolled into the monthly and even extend the contract term to lower the monthly costs.  We can find a way to make the numbers work.


Is our ownership/company required to sell anything?

No.  Your company is not required to sell anything.  If you choose to offer upgrades, it may be beneficial to have your onsite leasing and management staff know about the products.  Upgrades are a great way to increase revenue.


Is this a bulk service for internet and/or TV?

Yes.  Both products are sold on a bulk agreement.  However, the monthly cost will not change as per an agreement.


Who determines the speed and rates for residents?

The ownership will choose what kind of system they would like to provide to their residents.  Total Communications will help guide in the decision making process.


Can they wire an existing building?

Total Communications can wire an existing building.  How they would do so would be based on doing a site survey.  Once that is completed, the ownership could decide based on the wiring options available.


Will they wire a new building?

Total Communications will not wire the building themselves.  Usually a company has been selected to wire the new building.  We would work with them to help implement the needs ownership wants.


Can they install a property with more than 1 building?

Yes.  Total Communications can wire properties with multiple buildings within the property.  This can be done wirelessly or direct burial from building to building.  


Is there a customer service number for residents?

Yes.  Total Communications provides each property with their own unique number for residents to call.  The number provided shows up on our caller ID so we can answer the phone and know exactly which property the resident is calling in from.


How do I get a person to come and do a site visit?

Please visit our contact page.  Fill out the information and submit it.  Total Communications will have a representative reach back out to you within 2-3 business days.


Are the estimates free?

Yes.  Total Communications does not feel charging a company is appropriate to gain business.


How does billing work for TV?

Billing for TV services on a bulk level is done monthly.  Each month the property will receive the invoice for that month as per the contract.  Payments can be made by check or auto deposit.

If a resident upgraded their package, they will be charged on an individual basis for their upgraded package.


How does billing for for internet?

Billing for internet services on a bulk level is done monthly.  Each month the property will receive the invoice for that month as per the contract.  Payment can be made by either check or auto deposit.

If a resident upgraded their package, they will be charged on an individual basis for their upgraded package.


Is there an IT support center?

Yes.  Residents call their local number and speak to a representative.  That CSR will provide entry level support.  If they are not able to resolve the situation, they will create a ticket on behalf of the resident and send it to the technical support staff.  Once that happens, the technical will reach out to them within 48 business hours.


What are your support hours?

Support hours are 24/7/365 including all holidays.


What kind of housing do you work with?

Total Communications will work with all types and styles of buildings.  We will with all different clientele too.  Affordable housing, senior living, condo's, apartments, or any property with multi-unit living.


What kind of commercial or businesses do you work with?

Total Communications will work with any commercial business looking to add internet services to their property.  


Do you provide marketing support?

Yes.  Total Communications can help facilitate marketing material for your property.  We can customize our brochure for your property.  Or you can have your marketing team create something.


Who owns Total Communications?

Jeffrey Joerger


How long has Total Communications been in business?

Since 2009.  The parent company is called Commercial Satellite Inc. and is doing business as Total Communications.


Where is Total Communications headquarters?

Total Communications is located in the capital city area of St Paul Minnesota.

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